There is a boy and a girl, the girl is very good to the boy, the boy gradually likes the girl, the girl also gradually likes the boy, the boy finally and the girl together. They love each other very much. The boy said to the girl, "I want you to be with me all my life..." the girl said to the boy, "I want to be with you all my life..." so, there was an agreement between the boy and the girl that they should live together forever and never be separated. Boys think of girls all the time, girls think of boys all the time. Boys think of girls as the most important people in their lives. Boys say to girls, "you are the most important, you should always be happy..." so boys let girls everywhere, but even so, there are always quarrels between boys and girls. Finally, boys go to girls and say sorry to girls The girl forgives the boy every time. In this way, the emotion of the boy and the girl increases day by day. The boy cares about the girl very much. Every move of the girl deeply affects the boy. The boy loves her very much and wants to make her happy. Boys used to be very bad. Smoking and drinking were common things for boys. Boys studied very badly and often skipped classes. But since there was a girl, the boy decided to start from the beginning and study hard, because the boy wanted to make the girl happier later. The boy did it and started from the beginning. Although there was still smoking and drinking, it was much less than before, because the girl said drinking hurt his body , so boys seldom drink, because girls said that smoking would hurt themselves, so boys also try to smoke less, everything for girls, girls feel very happy, boys try to make girls happier, so day after day, boys and girls' feelings have not changed, become the envy of many peers, boys are very proud, because he has Girl, girl is very proud, because she has a boy... But one day, boy and girl quarreled again.